centrally located in the heart of NEW YORK CITY near Union Square in Greenwich Village

Surrounded BY urban campuses including NYU, New School Parsons School of Art and Design and NEARBY galleries in Meatpacking, Chelsea, SOHO

Next DOOR to where Thomas Edison headquartered his "new" electrical company in 1881









Digital Renaissance : STATE OF THE ART

Computing is digitizing every aspect of human life - creating a SINGULARITY divide GREATER than the chasm between the Middle Ages and Modernity as we know it

Decentralization of the Internet scales impact efficiently, flattening global audiences

PROLIFERATION OF connected machine intelligence is steadily increasing with augmented human intelligence enabling superhero powers beyond the sum of the parts

Cross pollination of crafts is essential to accelerating progress by disseminating best practices across disciplines

new digital MEDIUM of CREATIVE expression transfers ideas and culture in an immersive way to rapidly bootstrap TECHNOLOGIcal productivity in knowledge economy







Digital artists

product designerS, Software dEVELOPERS, hardware hackers, data scientistS, illustrators, SOUND engineers, filmmakers, writers, CREATIVE minds interested in collaborating - send portfolio to studio@dart.art