Hello, New York City

We are excited to announce the launch of DART Discover for drivers of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)—Uber, Lyft, Via, and Juno/Gett

DART Discover provides drivers with an iPad-based Passenger Infotainment Media solution that upgrades the in-vehicle experience for passengers in transit

Passenger benefits include:

  • Real-time weather forecast

  • Current vehicle location WITH map

  • DISCOVER Local venues and events nearby destination

  • Browse NEWS, Sports, podcasts

  • Extra USB charging for personal device

Drivers earn a $50 giftcard per month for participation—with iPad, data plan and headrest mount provided for free during pilot

If you’re a TLC licensed driver interested in participating or referral opportunities, please fill out this form or you can also email the DART team [nyc@dart.art] to sign-up

DART Discover.jpeg
DART Discover in-vehicle.jpeg

Terms of Pilot

  • DART Technologies to onboard and provide participating drivers with equipment (Sprint iPad, secured headrest mount, DC charger) for use at no cost during pilot period

  • Drivers to support operations in-vehicle by ensuring DART Discover application is running properly during working hours 

  • Drivers to provide qualitative feedback from passengers, number of daily trips on a weekly basis as well as quantitative lift metrics in driver ratings from relevant Transportation Network Companies as proxy indicator for enhancing "in-vehicle experience" 

  • Drivers to receive $50 giftcard per month as compensation for participation, as well as $25 per referral upon return of equipment (tablet, mount) at pilot conclusion